Recommnded in three simple steps


1. Create Your profile

It takes just minutes to join Recommnded. Enhance your profile by connecting your Social Account.

2. Invite Your Advocates

Invite supervisors, coworkers, and friends to record a video about how great of a hire you are. Advocates aren't required to create an account.

3. Share testimonials

Your advocates will answer no more than 10 questions about your positive qualities. You review these 3-5 minute videos and email the best ones to recruiters and/or hiring managers. 

Control your career path


We often don't see ourselves as others see us. That's why a testimonial from someone who has worked with you and respects you can have a powerful effect. Recommnded helps you broadcast what you bring to the table, whether you're in the job market or about to be.

Advocate for others

It's time to return a favor. Maybe your advocate is looking for work, too. You've seen how easy it is to use Recommnded. Why not advocate for those who were kind enough to help you.